VS Series Magnetic Ballast

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VS Series Magnetic Ballast

Our VS series magnetic ballast features an output power ranging from 35W to 400W and current 0.53 to 4.45mA. Our product is light weight, small in size and easy to use. It can be used with our high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and high pressure mercury lamp.

Technical Specification
ModelA(mm)B(mm)C(mm)Weight (kg)△t/△tan kCp uf±10%Output (W)Current (mA)Quantity per ctnPacking size (mm)
HS/MH3511286300.86 606350.5310350*125*120
HS5011286370.95 659500.7610350*125*120
HS/MH7011286431.21 701270110350*125*120
HM8011286370.95 658800.810350*125*120
HS100144120551.51 70121001.210350*125*120
HM12511286431.21 75121251.1510350*125*120
HS/MH150144120762.10 75201501.810350*125*120
HS/MH250144120762.10 75182502.1310350*125*120
HS2501801581102.90 803225038280*190*120
MH/HM4001801581103.00 80304003.40/3.258280*190*120
HS4002161951403.55 80504004.456220*200*120

HS: High pressure sodium lamp, MH: Metal halide lamp, HM: High pressure mercury lamp.

NBSLS is a China-based magnetic ballast manufacturer and supplier. In addition to auxiliary electrical appliance, our company also offers flood light fixture, mercury vapor lamp, metal halide lamp, and more.

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